Carpet Tiles
Loop pile
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Carpet Tiles :

Carpet Tiles at Floors 2 Decors is the most exciting and fast growing sector in the area of carpets turnover. Our large variety in carpet tiles will satisfy every specification, from office to the boardroom, building projects to property refurbishment. Our variety of carpet tiles is designed to bring a different benefit or aspect to the installation. We offer Sigma’s range of plain, patterned, over tuft cut pile and textured loop pile tiles which are further differentiated by various color combinations. We consider ourselves to be a valuable source for every specified working in the modern commercial environment. Our tiles come in both Poly Propylene and Nylon in a variety of modern design and construction. They are differentiated by their various characteristics to suit our broad cliental and their requirements.

Loop pile :

Designed to maintain good looks in the most demanding areas such as corridors and reception areas. A wide range of floor covering solutions with outstanding wear performance and extensive color patterns to meet all budgets.

Cut Pile:

Four stunning ranges of superior tufted tiles in a variety of yarns and pile weights to meet different performance requirements. Softer, more luxurious feel than loop pile. Ideal for board rooms, meeting rooms and the general office environment.