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Vinyl is a new alternate for resilient floor design. It has an effective look, is more durable, flexible, cost effective and easy for installation. Vinyl carpets come with a synthetic layer which prevents moisture on the subfloor and also is easy for cleaning and replacement. Vinyl backed carpets are best suitable for all residence areas. Vinyl carpets are customizable, designable to different patterns.

Vinyl Plank:

Vinyl Plank Flooring captures the stylish look of wood flooring, yet is practical and can withstand the foot traffic of a busy commercial environment. That means you’ll get floors that look great without the worry of spills, splashes, muddy shoes, and soil, damaging your floor. Businesses on a limited budget will appreciate the long-lasting value Vinyl Plank offers. Vinyl Plank looks like wood, but at a fraction of the cost. Most styles allow for planks to be easily removed and replaced if damaged, which means your floor will look newer, longer.

Homogeneous :

Vinyl floors square measure extremely popular due to their sturdiness, low maintenance, and flexibility. Homogeneous vinyl is formed of one single layer that gives resonance and depth of color. It's incredibly long-lasting and stain resistant that makes it an excellent flooring selection for serious traffic areas.

Heterogeneous :

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring has an endless design possibilities as it is a multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer. The maintenance cost is low with lasting performance. It is adapted for almost all application areas.

Anti-static :

Vinyl floor is an Anti-Static flooring. This is a compound used for the treatment of the surface to reduce the buildup of static electricity. Its role is to absorb the moisture from the air to make surface conductive. Thanks to the anti-static properties, it is perfect for any kind of room and area with a large source of electricity. It is easy to maintain and clean.