Zebra Blinds
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Zebra Blinds:

Beautifully diffused light and room darkening privacy make our sheer Zebra shades the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom and study. Zebra shades and blinds, covered with overlapping layers of light filtering and room darkening fabrics, give your home the sleekly contemporary look you love — but with the easy functionality you need in a shade.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden Blinds bring a touch of class into your home with our impressive selection of readymade wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are the ideal addition to compliment wood floors and furniture in either a contemporary or traditional setting, or specifically in any type of conservatory.

You are able to bring the natural beauty of our real wooden blinds indoors and obtain maximum control of lighting levels throughout your home, particularly in your conservatory where natural wood adds feelings of warmth, whilst still retaining the practicality of a traditional Wooden blind.

Vertical Blinds :

Vertical Blinds are an ideal window covering in any commercial environment, public building , residential development, both from a decorative and functional point of view.

Vertical Blinds are the most economical solution for large windows. For sloping and irregularly shaped windows, the Vertical Blind is often the only practical solution. In all situations it offers an unsurpassed ease of operation. By tilting the vanes, sunlight can be filtered efficiently, even without blocking the outside view.

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are ideal for a wide range of applications, and work particularly well where window ledge space is at a premium, bathrooms and kitchens. They are a sheet of fabric which is stamped into an aluminum barrel. The fabric then rolls up and down from the barrel. At Floors 2 Decors, we only use aluminum as the barrel material, many companies supplying cheaper roller blinds will use cardboard which can sag and have an extremely limited life time.

Roller blinds work on a simple sidewinder mechanism, that allows the user to sit the blind at the ideal height. These sidewinders are available in a range of colors, to blend in perfectly with the surface they are fitted to. We also supply all rollers with a ‘child-safety’ clip, that attaches the chain to the wall, out of reach of children and also prevents anyone from getting tangled up in the chain.

Chick Blinds

It is made from exotic bamboos, woods and reeds, Chick Blinds gives a distinctive & glamorous look to your décor. An exotic collection of natural weaves filters the light into your room to create calm & soothing ambience. Whether your room has wood flooring or furniture with natural finish, Chick Blinds shades bring harmonious textures and tones as nature intended. Available in traditional roll-ups style and modern roman style for easy operations .